Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is more and more subjet to detailed tax control. We can help you prepare the "bulletproof" documentation for all your transactions with related parties, whether it is management service, royalty financial transactions or contracted manufacturing.

Staturory audit and beyond

We believe that auditing is more than just the complete and error-free performance of tasks imposed by law and specified in detail. The basis of auditing is high professional quality level and a humble approach to work.

Evaluation, appraisal

How much is an evaluation study worth?

Well... Just as much, as credible, independent and objectiv the study is.

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Az INTERAUDITOR ereje: törzsgárdája

Alapítói, tulajdonosi és munkatársi gárdája kiemelkedő szintű képzettségükkel, személyes adottságaival képezik cégünk igazi tőkéjét, mely biztosítja munkáink magas színvonalát.

Freiszberger Zsuzsanna Könyvvizsgáló,

Zsuzsanna Freiszberger

Partner, FCCA, Audit Manager, Chartered Public Accountant

Móri Ferencné, Vali

Mrs. Valeria Mori

Partner, Chartered Public Accountant

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Partner, Chartered Public Accountant

Honti Péter


Managing Partner