Tax advisory

Prevention or firefighting?

Either option can work out well. It depends on the size and the risk-bearing capacity of the company. The choice is yours!

One thing is certain: the incomplete and superficial documentation of regular transaction can create a huge tax risk. Domestic laws and standards impose a documentation regime that generates a significant administrative workload and costs.

Industrial companies have developed the lean production system, for their core business. How many companies have such a system in their administration? What is the size of the tax risk that derives from a transaction backed up by incomplete documentation? Lean administration exists!

If you prefer prevention, you will need a well-regulated system for the routine tasks and individual regulation for the individual cases.
Please ask for our assistance with the development of the documentation regime and with making the administrative working process more efficient!

If you choose firefighting, (perhaps because you have to, this is a legacy situation), you might have to do a lot of work in arrears.
You will surely need external assistance, and we can help you with this, too.

Our staff are happy to take your tough questions, with great skills and industry-specific knowledge, in the field of
    * VAT
    * Corporation tax
    * Transfer pricing
    * Personal income tax and dues
    * local business tax.

Anyone can answer easy questions, but our experts will also give you the answers to tough questions having gone unanswered for a long time!

What are the areas where we can help you?
    * Tax planning (domestic and international)
    * Completion of tax reports
    * Tax representation
    * Litigious matters,
    * General (flat rate) tax consulting

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