Statutory Audit

Statutory audit and professional support together!

We believe that auditing is more than just the complete and error-free performance of tasks imposed by law and specified in detail. The basis of auditing is high professional quality level and a humble approach to work. Supportive auditing goes beyond that scope, as it is characterized by regular consulting and joint thinking.

Would you like to become a „VIP” customer for your auditor and receive enhanced support?

Do you miss a customer friendly approach?

Do you have to save on administrative costs, but would insist on hiring a reputable, internationally acknowledged auditing firm?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, we can help you!

The auditing company is completely independent, but as a business partner it should provide valuable service. Interdependence may lead to a long lasting business relationship. And this is only possible if the relationship is governed by shared objectives, parties have shared values. Our primary task and objective is to ensure legal compliance, in such a manner that we find and develop the most efficient procedures and solutions. One of the main results of our work is the recognition and minimization of tax risks.